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About me


I've always been obsessed with writing and reading, having spent my childhood making my own 'magazines' (i.e. pieces of A4 paper stapled together) and demanding my parents film me reading aloud, for hours on end, from my favourite books. Fashion, in turn, has been one of my long-enduring interests – I have fond memories of stealing copies of Harper's Bazaar from the dentist's waiting room and, later, collaging my walls with tears from Vogue

I currently work part-time as a copywriter and freelance in copywriting and journalism (specialising in fashion, particularly for the e-commerce sector) on the side.

I like to keep things simple when it comes to my copywriting clients. I don't enjoy overcomplicating things (unless, of course, this is a key part of your branding – in this case, I can totally help you 'do you!'). If you're looking for a fashion copywriter who understands your target audience – and cares about them enough to not want to bore them with jargon and clichés – I might just be your girl. I'm currently available for both in-house and remote copywriting work. 


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