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About me


I've always been obsessed with writing and reading, having spent my childhood making my own 'magazines' (i.e. pieces of A4 paper stapled together) and demanding my parents film me reading aloud, for hours on end, from my favourite books. Fashion, in turn, has been one of my long-enduring interests – I have fond memories of stealing copies of Harper's Bazaar from the dentist's waiting room and, later, collaging my walls with tears from Vogue

I started writing for an audience extending beyond my family when I was about 16, firstly for my sixth form newspaper and then for a small online magazine called JoJo, which was my first foray into writing 'for the public', and my first exposure to the joys of fashion week, sweet-talking PRs and the like. Since then I've gone on to write about fashion – as well as other things that are important to me, like music, indie publishing, health, dogs and Gilmore Girls – for various publications.

Copywriting seemed like a natural progression for me, combining my ability to write Stuff That's Good Enough to Get Published with the marketing knowledge I've developed over the years, both through work and my own nerdy interests.

Despite my writing a lengthy biography on this page, I like to keep things simple when it comes to my clients. I know what works. I know what doesn't. I don't enjoy overcomplicating things (unless, of course, this is a key part of your branding – in this case, I can totally help you 'do you!'). If you're looking for a copywriter who understands your business and your target audience – and cares about them enough to not want to bore them with jargon and clichés – I might just be your girl.

I don't freelance full-time – I have another part-time job and I'm currently in the final year of a degree – but I am available for hire, in-house (until I graduate, the north east is 'home' to me, but I can travel, with various ongoing contracts in and around London) or remotely. Just email me!


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