There's a lot of things that I enjoy writing – press releases, product descriptions, buying guides, blog content et al – but 'About Me' pages (when they're actually about me, anyway) aren't on my favourites list. So I'll keep this brief. I'm Grace and I'm a copywriter, generally writing for fashion brands but dabbling in other areas too. At the time of writing I'm working for Boden. I also do lots of freelance work; if you're interested please email me at gracehowardwrites@gmail.com or contact me on 07580863176. 

Some of the brands I've written copy for: 
Brown Thomas
John Lewis
House of Fraser
Slack Cycling
Shop Direct (Littlewoods & Very)
TM Lewin
Tommy Hilfiger

I also dabble in freelance fashion journalism. I've had pieces published by outlets like the Business of Fashion, DRESSR, HuffPost and Mintel. I currently write weekly articles for Stylus Media Group's Decoded Fashion, covering the intersection of fashion and technology. Following an editorial internship, I've also been helping out with Hit the Floor, an online music and culture output, since 2015, proofreading and copyediting (and occasionally writing) fashion, beauty and lifestyle content.

A note about rates -  My rates vary from £30 to £45 an hour, depending on the type of work involved, and whether it's in-house or able to be completed remotely. For smaller jobs, like press release or blog post writing, I'll charge per piece rather than per hour. For a precise rate for a job, please email me.