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I'm a freelance writer based in the North East. I've experience of B2B copywriting and am SEO-trained. I freelance part-time, working on both an in-house and remote basis, alongside working locally as a copywriter. The rest of my time is spent studying for a linguistics degree. 

I've written for Decoded Fashion,, HelloGiggles, Stylist Magazine, Hit the Floor Magazine, Styles, Fashion Fix Daily, The Huffington Post and more, and I'm on the editorial team for the Hit the Floor Network.

Fashion's my area of expertise – I studied for a CertHE in fashion journalism before some life changes meant I shifted my focus to linguistics, and I worked in fashion marketing and digital during my 'gap years' – but I'm always willing (and happy) to turn my hand to other subjects. So, if you're interested in commissioning me to write about something besides clothes, shoes and general frippery, just shoot me an email and we can go from there. Besides sartorial matters, I've experience in writing about everything from tea, coffee and cake to sports equipment, holiday rentals and homeopathy.

You can see some examples of my work (that which is readily available online, anyway) in the Portfolio section of this website.